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I am a driven creative operations professional, an award-winning content editor, a media and communications director with multi-industry cross-sector expertise, and a creative director with a Masters in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute.I think of myself as a strategic thinker and a driver of progress. I am committed to helping organizations succeed, and I am adept at building strong communities around culture, content, and causes.I feel very lucky to be able to offer my time and serve on the Board of the Hope for Emergency Responders Organization (HERO).I live with my partner Paul and our two chatty budgies. Outside of professional life, I enjoy cooking and eating, community gardening, and taking photos of our neighborhood on the Lower East Side.


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Currently, I work to pilot and develop creative agencies within the corporate environment. Previously, I worked in business operations and CRM product architecture for the social media industry. I have managed dozens of accounts and creative campaigns for UGC, partnership, and brand ambassador marketing programs—along with the integration of
PR tie-ins, co-branding opportunities, and contest promotions—for blue-chip clients such as
Cheerios #GoodGoesAround, Cadillac, Baby Dove #RealDads, Google Assistant (pre-roll here and Twitter posts here), Nestlé Juicy Juice, Procter & Gamble #WeSeeEqual, Skippy, Subaru #MeetanOwner, and Twizzlers #YouCantBeSerious.
I have also overseen many cause- and community-led nonprofit and NGO campaigns for organizations such as NMAI, UNICEF #EarlyMomentsMatter, NIDA, and the NYC Office of Emergency Management. I have volunteered for the Taproot Foundation, offering project management expertise for Manhattan Legal Services.Past work for the #IAAFWorlds became a Finalist in the 10th Annual Shorty Awards. National sports projects I have project managed include several sponsored by Major League Baseball and the National Football League.I have produced ICFF exhibits for the NYC chapter of the Industrial Designers Society of America; successfully rebranded a two hundred year-old seminary as an institute for progressive leadership; and led national promotion and outreach for an award-winning documentary about Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee.


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